My Poker Face in Place

My Poker Face

My heart pounds painfully in my chest,
I took a chance,
He failed the test

That’s it, I quit.

I can’t play this game anymore
The deck is full of jokers .
There are no kings worth Staying for.
I am tired of tallying up the score.
And what’s more,
It’s going nowhere fast
Headed for the past.
This too won’t last.
At least now I know.
What lies in store
regarding the chance I took once more
I saw the cards, same as before
just before he slammed the door.

Yeah, it’s a losing game
They’re all the same.
Now my heart is walking away
It knows what my face won’t say.
Because I too can play and win
It’s whether I want to play this spin
I think I’ll watch and wait awhile and
Hide my pain behind my smile.

I’m getting used to this life
I’ll never be the kings wife
Because he doesn’t exist
He was a story, made up of mist
An evil twist to this tale of woe
It Shattered my Glass Castle of Gold
Drowning alone in cold gin and hot tears
The Evidence of my deepest fears
Has now come to roost upon my bed
And fill my dreams with sleepless dread
As thru the night, I cannot rest,
My heart lies painfully in my chest,
I took the chance.,,,
He failed the test

2015 Tiger Lyn © All Rights Reserved.