Give us grace

It’s how we were raised
the values they taught us
that need to be changed
a new collective conscious

There’s no reason to argue
No need to be self righteous
Open your heart
Respond to the crisis

We must all stand United
Only your mind can divide us
It’s time to sing a new song
Change your thoughts
Bring your family along

Don’t fight and hate
the change upon us
Rejoice that we are
strong enough to stop this

It’s time we acknowledge
That we are all brothers
Help us to write
the code of many colors

Embrace each day
and those around us
Respect, relate,
And regain the trust

Don’t let the haters and extremists
Hijack this day
This in all humbleness
Together lets pray…

God give us grace
To see the big picture
History in the making
As we fight for our future
Lets all join hands
And march peacefully forward
This we pray in the name of our Lord..

2015 Tiger Lyn © All Rights Reserved.