The Boulevard of Broken Dreams

We see the tears,
And hear the screams
But blindly turn conveniently
To shut the door and close the screens
And quiet the noise of broken dreams
Your little one is here you know
Your baby is on this street
With dreams and spirit broken
And eyes we cannot meet
So we plug our ears
To smother the beat
As the parade goes down
This evil street

Every scar, a witness that you survived
Every broken piece of you standing
A medal of valor that you’re alive
The symbol of your branding
The Blvd of Broken Dreams
Tried to break you down
But you got up and took back your crown
And there are cheers heard all around
A tribute to your landing

A Star for me, and one for you
We’ll walk the red carpet, black and blue
In a beautiful design to cover the bruise
For taking the Boulevard on for a cruise
We will not lose, we will go on and sing the blues
And in our eyes we’ll offer clues
But If you look carefully
Past the glitter
You will notice all the litter
The Boulevard of Broken dreams
Is not as glamorous as it seems

Fly little bird…fly
Let the winds take you up high
Not as glamorous as it seems
Brightly feathered tarnished seams
Painted over to hide the reams
We flock to line it with our scenes
This Boulevard of broken dreams

By Tiger Lyn
Glenda Jean Borden

2015 Tiger Lyn © All Rights Reserved.