Happy Fathers Day


Salute! to all the Real Dads
I’ve met along the way
Thank you all for stepping up
And stepping in to save the day
This song is for the fatherless ones
Who felt left out in the cold
Without you there to protect them
And watch their story unfold
He’s finally calling
And wants you to meet him
Why? What does he want from me?
How should I greet him?
I’ve never heard from him
All of these years
And now he wants me to care
About his tears? Huh? …well
Don’t come crying to me
For understanding
Now that you’re old and lonely
You should’ve thought of that when you abandoned me
And left me wishing if only
A dad would be so crazy cool
And help me with my sports and school
And teach me how to hunt and fish
Point to the stars and say
Make a wish
Don’t come crying to me …now
Thinking that we can be friends
Where does this fantasy end?
Did you think you could reject me until you were ready?
To share your miserable life now?
You’re pathetic!
All the drugs and the toys
That you store in your addict
Have turned me away
And gave me a headache
They say that the apple don’t fall far from the tree,
Oh really? That’s not me! It’s clear to see
That I no longer need you, not now
Not like you need me
You’re just a lonely old seed tree
There’s nothing special between us
That ended long ago
When you abandoned a heavy load
And left it for my mamma to hold
So, don’t come crying to me now
Don’t come crying to me
I’m just a seed from your tree
But that’s on you not on me.

As a Mother to Seven
My children are my Heaven
But it hasn’t been easy without you there
Thru them I’ve lived a few lifetimes
Yet felt so alone
The tears I’ve wiped dry as Hearts turned into stone
My heart still keeps trying to
Soften their crying
My love is undying so I’ll keep on trying
There’s no denying
The pain it has caused my dears
If only I could cry your tears for you
And somehow lighten the shades of blue
If there was any way,
I’d carry your load for you today
I hate to see you cry
And if there’s any way that I
Can cry these tears until they dry
And take away the pain inside
I would, if only I could.
As any Mommy would and should
And Daddies just don’t walk away
Planting seeds to pass the day
Not real dads, Real Dads stay
And watch their babies grow and play
Those are the ones we celebrate
Those are the ones we elevate!
These are the men to whom
You should raise your glass and say…
“To all the men who chose to stay,
Cheers!! And, here’s to you!!
Have a Happy Fathers’ Day!!”

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