All Black Lives Matter

Whitewashed brown kids
living in a black box
Shit talks, thrown rocks
Names and stones
To break our bones
It’s my way or the highway
Said the little white duck
And if you don’t like it
I really don’t give a ( cluck, cluck)
went the little red hen
The sky is falling,
the sky is falling
The cow has jumped over the moon
And the dish has made off
with your silver spoon
Your castle in ruin
We planted the seeds
No magic beans here
No Golden Goose
Just anger and fear
We’re mad as a Hatter
Well. It’s just your luck
Said the Duck..
you can leave
This world to me
Go back from where you began
give up the Freedom of this land
America the beautiful,
how great the sound
Cheers to the founders,
And drinks all around
That’s how it began
But who are you
To dare make a stand
Go back to The rock
We found you under
Dive into the rabbit hole
To madness surrender

I can’t breath, you’re killing me
can’t you see
can’t we all agree
that this is too much
you’ve crossed the blue line
Now the time has come
To bring the fight
And make the message come to light

The storm, lightning, thunder
Is what we now will bring
We’re completing the ring
A full circle we’ve come
And when we are done
We’ll all be one
No stone will be left unturned
No injustice left unburned
Equality is all we seek
And fight we will on bended knee
One man one nation under God
Indivisible with liberty
and justice for all

Answer the call
Bring the wrecking ball
You in the hood
This ain’t your grandma..
It’s a wolf in disguise
Waitin to eat you alive
And that little old woman
who lives in a shoe?
Hell, she don’t know what to do.
Lets huff and puff
And blow the house down
recover the crown
A change for all
An entire recall
Come one, come all
Answer the call
United we stand
Divided we fall

We want our freedom!!!!
Across all nations
The right to be just who we are
Embrace a new generation..
Fight for your Freedom
Never give it away
If we give up our rights
There’ll be hell to pay
Oh yeah
We want our freedom
Across all nations

2015 Tiger Lyn © All Rights Reserved.